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A Quick Guide To The Launch And Specifications Of Apple iPhone 12

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A Quick Guide To The Launch And Specifications Of Apple iPhone 12

Apple is not only a brand but has become a status symbol for everyone out there. Whether you are a college student or an entrepreneur, all you need is an Apple iPhone in your hand to complete the look. Apple is all set to launch the iphone 12 on October 13, and the fans are all set to place their orders. If you are also a die-hard fan of the brand, then let us get to know more about the details of the phone: Though the launch date of the iphone12 has not been announced officially by Apple, there are rumours that the iPhone will be launched on October 13.

Models of the iphone The iphone 12 is expected to be launched in four models, including two premium models and two affordable ones. The phone is going to be the successor of the iPhones available in the market. The price Iphone 12 is not going to be an affordable one and will be launched at a higher price. A recent study reported that the iPhone 12 series would be released by Apple at a marginally higher price compared to the iPhone 11 series. The price of the iPhone 12 will be USD 699 (approximately Rs. 51,200), while the launch of the iPhone 12 Max will start at USD 799 (approximately Rs. 58,500). The study also notes that the price of the iPhone 12 Pro would be between USD 1,049 (approximately Rs. 76,800) and USD 1,099 (approximately Rs. 80,500). The premium model of the phone will be launched at an approximate price between $1149 and $1199(somewhere around Rs 84500 to Rs 89700) Specifications Iphone12 is going to be the powerhouse of the specifications, all loaded with advanced features: Display The iPhone will have an OLED screen of 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches respective to the size version you look for. Camera The camera has always been one of the best features of Apple. The brand is set to amaze the users again. The Iphone12 will have a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and the pro models will have a 12MP ultra-telephoto camera. Performance One of the strongest parts of the iphone12 is going to be its performance. It is going to be a cakewalk for the users to operate the phone. The phone will be loaded with a bionic chip and will come in variants that will have different storage spaces. The lighter ones will support up to 256 GB, and the pro versions are said to be supporting up to 512 GB. The Iphone12 will also be launched with bigger batteries for a better life and will make the users enjoy a longer calling time with their loved ones. Conclusion Overall the iphone12 is going to prove to be a great option to look for if you are the one who loves to shop for the best features and look for the best quality without the worries of budget.

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